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To view our trend reports, you can subscribe to our pro subscription via Paypal.

The price is $120/year. It means that you only need to pay $10/month and $0.3/day to save your time finding trends and ideas.  Click here to go to Paypal to subscribe to our subscription plan.

Currently we are setting up the payment method. After you sign up as a free member and pay for the subscription, just inform us and we will activate your Pro account. I will update to make the process faster and automatically soon.

Here the benefits we offer:

- All access to the premium and future posts

- Newest trends and ideas on social media, business, startups

- Actions to help you apply the ideas into your real world

- Learn to become a better marketer

-The trends will be monitored across many industries like Entertainment, Business, Travel, Fashion, Internet and Technology, Startups, Software, Food, Beauty and Fashion, Design, Crypto, Meme, Social Media, Products and Companies, etc...

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